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What Is Workation For Freelancers

Workation for freelancers

The word “workation” became fashionable a few years ago in the United States, and the reason is that in few jobs there they have more than a week of vacation. So the employees started asking their employers to send them on workation.


What does it consist of?

The word says it all, workation: work + vacation, seemingly contradictory words that can become quite an exciting activity.

Workation consists of being outside the office, that is, in a pleasant place such as a swimming pool, but with the obligation to work. Thus, you would pay for accommodation and travel by investing time in your family or tourism without actually your business being “closed for vacation.”

There are several reasons why workation is a good option for you. For example, when you don’t want to use your days off, or when you go on vacation, and you don’t want to disconnect completely, because in those cases you can work from your summer place.

This type of work approaches a new employment relationship in which there is no fixed place of work. New technologies allow you to be connected from anywhere and to any web page or server.

It is a relationship oriented to an hourly contract, and thus more than one company or project can be carried out. All those new features would be blurring the barrier between freelancers and salaried, but mergers are all the rage and why not try new ways of working?


Requirements to be met

The most important requirement is availability. Your boss or the company you work for will demand continuous availability. If you are self-employed, it could be worse if you do not set yourself a schedule, since you and I know that you work non-stop and find it difficult to disconnect.

This would be your job choice: be willing to answer the phone, text messages, and e-mails that come from the office at all times, even if you manage your remaining time yourself later.

The place from where you carry out the activity will not always have to be the same. You can travel or be on the beach, as long as you are available to work on certain schedules.

Of course, another essential requirement for you to opt for this comfort is the trust that your managers and/or clients have in you. For an employer, it is inevitable to think that your employee may be doing his job badly or simply not doing it if he is far away. Hence, one of the keys is professionalism and efficiency.

Now, you will not be more responsible for spending more hours sitting in front of the computer, but for the number of clients who hire the services of your company, the number of problems you solve, in short, the good results from continuous work.


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