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Focus on your clients, we take care of the taxes

Simplify your business in Spain using our platform for managing invoices, customers and taxes. We take care of your taxes, while you do what you like best.

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Your safety goes first: We have a civil liability insurance that responds to your favour in case of an incident. In addition, your data is safe with daily safeguards on our SSL platform.

Manage all your buyers and vendors from a single dashboard.

Send quotes to your clients and then turn them into invoices automatically.

Send invoices online with just one click.

Create periodic invoices you issue each month.

Keep your accounting books up to date automatically.

Unlimited storage – you can store all the invoices you need.

Real-time tax forecast using graphs.

Customize your invoices with your logo.


All you can do with our platform… If you could pick one goal to help you achieve success, what would it be? How about two? Or three? Having trouble narrowing it down? The answer is simple: use our platform and… Read more

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Basic plan

  • Tax Agency and National Insurance registration
  • A tool for managing your invoices and quotes
  • 1 activity management included
  • Accounting and tax advice (3 queries per email/month)
  • Expenses control and accountancy check
  • Tax forecast and quarterly tax return filings

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Free plan

0€ / month
  • Access to all functionality of the platform for a period of 10 days, so you can try it and decide to start using it for your business.

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