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Deductible expenses

non-deductible vat

Non-deductible VAT: Essential Guide for Any Freelancer in Spain

As you can guess from the title of the article, there is a non-deductible VAT. It means that not all the VAT you pay is considered deductible. To consider the paid VAT deductible, it must meet a series of requirements. Non-deductible… Read more
Deductible expenses

Essential Deductible Expenses for Freelancers in Spain

Deductible expenses

The best way to save on taxes is not to miss out on the most common deductible expenses in the development of your activity. Of course, there are many specialities in the deductibility of expenses and activities.  Still, some expenses… Read more
Can I Deduct The Cost of Parking

Can I Deduct The Cost of Parking?

If your office is in the centre of a city, you have asked yourself: “Can I deduct the cost of parking?” In places with little parking space, renting a parking space is essential, both for your employees and your clients.… Read more
Is The Renting of My Vehicle Deductible If I Am a Self-employed?

Is The Renting of My Vehicle Deductible If I Am a Self-employed?

Good practices

You are self-employed. Your bank offers you an irrefutable offer of renting a vehicle, with all the services included, without worrying about anything and deductible…¿What do you mean, deductible? Can I deduct my renting fee by 100%? Be very careful… Read more

I Work With Italki. How Do I Manage My Invoices?

Accounting obligations

More and more freelancers are dedicated to teaching languages and working with platforms such as Italki, developing their activity with students from all over the world. This type of platform has transformed the teaching and learning of different languages. You… Read more
“Suplidos” or Re-invoicing of Expenses

“Suplidos” or Re-invoicing of Expenses


There is great confusion, especially among professionals, about how to invoice travel expenses (locomotion, accommodation, meals) when the client is willing to pay them. So here we have two possibilities. We can consider it as a supply (“suplido”) or as… Read more
rented flat

What Can I Deduct From The Flat I am Renting?

You can deduct the costs of works carried out on a rented flat depending on the nature of the work. In today’s article, we will see the types of deduction for works if you rent one of your properties. You… Read more
Expenses at home

Deductible Expenses If You Work at Home

For just over a year, much controversy has arisen over the deductible expenses if you work at home. Most of them related to housing where a freelancer or professional carries out their activity. Everyone will think that it is coherent… Read more