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All About “Pluriactividad” for Self-employed in Spain

You have probably heard about “pluriactividad” (or pluri-activity in the Social Security website), but you don’t know exactly what it is and if in your case you can take it in to register as a self-employed. In today’s post, we… Read more
cryptocurrencies abroad

Cryptocurrencies Abroad: You Must Submit This Declaration in 2024

In this article, I will talk about the taxation in Spain of cryptocurrencies abroad, specifically trading and mining. It is important to understand how the Economic Activities Tax (IAE) and the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) affect these activities. Additionally, I… Read more
form 720

Form 720: What is and who submits it?

Form 720 is nothing more than an informative declaration on goods and rights located abroad. Seen in this way, it does not seem more relevant or complicated than other informative declarations, such as form 347 (annual declaration of operations with… Read more
form 347

Form 347: Operations With Third Parties In Spain

If you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, or intend to be, you have undoubtedly heard of form 347 for operations with third parties in Spain. And do you know what it comprises and who must present it?  In our article today,… Read more
non-deductible vat

Non-deductible VAT: Essential Guide for Any Freelancer in Spain

As you can guess from the title of the article, there is a non-deductible VAT. It means that not all the VAT you pay is considered deductible. To consider the paid VAT deductible, it must meet a series of requirements. Non-deductible… Read more
Autonomo Tax Calculator

Autonomo Tax Calculator


In this detailed article you will learn how much you are going to pay in taxes if you become self-employed in Spain. Let's all 24 profiles...
tax deferral

How To Ask For a Tax Deferral?

In your daily activity, you have to face many payments: product providers, external services, self-employed fees, taxes, etc. There may come a time when you have water up to your neck. Who do you defer payment to at those times?… Read more
Social Security contributions

Complete Guide to Social Security Contributions In Spain

In this article, I try to solve and explain all the questions about the new contribution system for self-employed easily.
Taxes Paid By The Self-employed In Spain

Taxes Paid By The Self-employed In Spain

In this article, like every year, we remind you of the key dates of the taxes paid by the self-employed in Spain. We are going to see what the 2024 tax calendar is and what are the most common tax… Read more