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The Outsourcing Revolution in Modern Companies


Outsourcing is becoming a more popular trend among companies to outsource their services. This frequently leads to better financial statements. Furthermore, many freelancers offer external services to these companies. Spending on a third party is the first step, but choosing… Read more
unpaid invoices

Dealing With Unpaid Invoices: A Freelancer’s Guide in Spain


Many freelancers have unpaid invoices they have to claim frequently, and it seems the client will not pay. If it has happened to you, you know that two problems come. The first, the invoice is going to be uncollected. Second,… Read more
digital certificate in Spain

All About Spanish Digital Certificate in Less Than 5 Minutes


For about ten years, almost all Spanish administrations have been implementing improvements so that you can carry out all kinds of online procedures. If you used to wait in line at the Treasury, Social Security or SEPE, now you can… Read more
10% VAT

VAT Guide for Artists: Applying 10% VAT to Invoices


“10% VAT? I thought we pay only 21% VAT in Spain…” Navigating the intricacies of VAT rates can be a daunting task, especially for artists, interpreters, directors, and technicians in Spain. Since January 1, 2019, a significant change has allowed… Read more
reside In Spain

Do you reside in Spain or abroad?


Many Spanish and foreign freelancers doubt if they reside in Spain or abroad as to where they have to pay taxes. The status of taxpayer for IRPF (personal income tax) is influenced by the concept of habitual residence. Do you… Read more
Spanish YouTuber

Taxes in Spain: How Much Do Spanish YouTubers Pay?


Probably you started recording videos for YouTube and you are now asking yourself how much you would pay in taxes if you become a Spanish YouTuber. In this article, we show you all the details you need to consider before… Read more
freelance teacher

Start Working as a Freelance Teacher in Spain


If you are a freelance teacher in Spain, surely you have had some doubts about how to bill and the tax treatment of your economic activity.  We’ll explain the steps for registering as a freelance teacher and how to bill… Read more
types of invoices

6 Types of Invoices the Self-Employed in Spain Can Do

Accounting obligations

Depending on the requirements, the contents, and the production method, there are several types of invoices. Surely you know the typical full invoice and perhaps the simplified one (previously called a ticket). Could you tell me what types of invoices… Read more
Net and Gross

Difference Between Net and Gross Income


We often get the question of what is the difference between net and gross income. If you are self-employed, it is essential to know how to differentiate between these amounts. Hence, let’s focus our efforts on examining this topic today.… Read more