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tax deferral

How To Ask For a Tax Deferral?

Law and Tax Changes In your daily activity, you have to face many payments: product providers, external services, self-employed’s fees, taxes, etc. There may come a time when you have water up to your neck. Who do you defer payment to at those times?… Read more
Tax Deferrals For The Self-employed

COVID-19: Tax Deferrals For The Self-employed In 2021

Law and Tax Changes There are several changes in the tax deferrals for the self-employed in 2021. On March 13, a new measure came into force (approved in Royal Decree-Law 5/2021; third additional provision) that aims to improve the self-employed and SMEs’ solvency in… Read more
Become a Self-employed Autonomo

How To Become a Self-employed Autonomo in Spain?

Entrepreneur When you decide to start a self-employed activity, the first question to solve is: “How to become a self-employed (autonomo) in Spain?”. The first thing you should do is apply for registration or enrollment in the Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Withholders… Read more
Do You Know The Different Types Of Self-employed In Spain?

Do You Know The Different Types Of Self-employed In Spain?

Entrepreneur You may be thinking of becoming self-employed in Spain. However, do you know the different types of self-employed in Spain? Indeed you are not very clear which modality to take advantage of and how many types of freelancers there are.… Read more
Save On Your Annual Income Statement 2020-2021

Save On Your Annual Income Statement 2020-2021

Entrepreneur The term for the presentation of the income statement 2020 (“renta”) will begin shortly, precisely on April 7th. Suppose you have developed an economic activity during 2020. In that case, you will be interested in knowing how to pay less… Read more
Improvements For Freelancers

12 Improvements For Freelancers You Shouldn’t Forget

Law and Tax Changes Lately, we have received many “complaints” from the self-employed community, and, indeed, it is not the best moment, not only professional but also personal for many.  However, our team strives to emphasize that there is still always a good part.… Read more
Low-Income Help For Self-employed

COVID19: Extraordinary Low-Income Help For Self-employed

Law and Tax Changes If you need extraordinary low-income help and you are self-employed, this article interests you. It happens to many newly self-employed people who haven’t paid Social Security fees for all last 12 months or are paying a flat rate without paying… Read more
What Do The Acronyms TIN and TAE Mean?

What Do The Acronyms TIN and TAE Mean?

Entrepreneur More than once you have been watching TV at home and wondering what the acronyms TIN and TAE in the advertisement mean. And they repeat them over and over again. These two acronyms are essential to know when you are… Read more
Calculate The Tax Base of Your Invoice

Calculate The Tax Base of Your Invoice

Entrepreneur Surely more than once, you tried to calculate the tax base of your invoice starting from the total and finding the taxes. Well, in this article we are going to explain all the possible options, which are many! What is… Read more