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The Outsourcing Revolution in Modern Companies

Outsourcing is becoming a more popular trend among companies to outsource their services. This frequently leads to better financial statements. Furthermore, many freelancers offer external services to these companies. Spending on a third party is the first step, but choosing… Read more
unpaid invoices

Dealing With Unpaid Invoices: A Freelancer’s Guide in Spain

Many freelancers have unpaid invoices they have to claim frequently, and it seems the client will not pay. If it has happened to you, you know that two problems come. The first, the invoice is going to be uncollected. Second,… Read more
Net and Gross

Difference Between Net and Gross Income


We often get the question of what is the difference between net and gross income. If you are self-employed, it is essential to know how to differentiate between these amounts. Hence, let’s focus our efforts on examining this topic today.… Read more
find clients if you are a translator

11 Platforms To Find Clients if You Are a Translator


There are many platforms to find clients if you are a translator and they are the favourite means of freelancers to get projects. Large percentage of self-employed people claim to have found work through an online platform as it is… Read more
credit transfer

Credit Transfer as a Payment Method


Before going into detail, we are going to explain what the credit transfer is. From there, we are going to detail how we can use it as a payment method. What is the credit transfer? With this example, it will… Read more
social media

How Social Media Bridge the Distance: Effective Communication Tips


You have had your business visible on social media for a long time, but you want to promote it more. You’d like people to be familiar with you, to have more customers that come from other sources, and to find… Read more
Autonomo Tax Calculator

Autonomo Tax Calculator


In this detailed article you will learn how much you are going to pay in taxes if you become self-employed in Spain. Let's all 24 profiles...
work on upwork

How Freelancers in Spain Work on Upwork

If you are a freelancer, you probably know professionals who work on Upwork using the platform to get jobs and clients. Although the platform is in English and all processes, registrations, contacts with clients, and acceptance of projects, are enabled… Read more
get paid on time

8 Essential Rules To Get Paid On Time

We read daily about how difficult it is to get paid on time when you are self-employed. Many times the excuses of companies are they must first pay larger companies or that they get a lot of taxes this month.  In… Read more