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Social Security

digital certificate in Spain

All About Spanish Digital Certificate in Less Than 5 Minutes


For about ten years, almost all Spanish administrations have been implementing improvements so that you can carry out all kinds of online procedures. If you used to wait in line at the Treasury, Social Security or SEPE, now you can… Read more
freelance teacher

Start Working as a Freelance Teacher in Spain


If you are a freelance teacher in Spain, surely you have had some doubts about how to bill and the tax treatment of your economic activity.  We’ll explain the steps for registering as a freelance teacher and how to bill… Read more
expenses for self-employed

7 Essential Expenses for Self-Employed In Spain


In this article, we will cover 7 essential expenses for self-employed workers in Spain, along with tips for managing them effectively. By understanding and preparing for these expenses, you’ll be better prepared to manage your finances and achieve long-term success… Read more
new contribution system

Guide to New Social Security Contributions In Spain


In this article, I try to solve and explain all the questions about the new contribution system for self-employed easily.
Differences Between IAE And CNAE

Differences Between IAE And CNAE


When starting your activity as a self-employed in Spain is important to know the differences between IAE and CNAE. Let's dig in here...
up to date with payments

What Is to Be Up to Date With Payments?


If you are self-employed, at least once, they will have asked you for “the certificate of being up to date with payments”. And indeed, you have gone to Google to see what this means and where to obtain that certificate.… Read more
unemployment benefits

Unemployment Benefits For The Self-employed In Spain


If you’re thinking of becoming self-employed in Spain, you’re probably wondering if there is an unemployment benefit for the self-employed. The short answer is no, at least not what we know as traditional unemployment. The long answer is no, but… Read more
Self-employed Payments In Spain

Calculate Your Self-employed Payments In Spain


Each year brings changes in the Social Security payments for self-employed workers in Spain. Calculate your self-employed payments for this year 2022! We explain everything below… To calculate the self-employed payment, you need two amounts, the contribution base and the… Read more
Minimum Contribution Base

The Minimum Contribution Base Of The Self-employed In Spain


The minimum contribution base of the self-employed in Spain is one of the issues that have always generated controversy. In this article, we will give you the details of the minimum base, the amounts applied for this year, and the… Read more