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Good practices

social media

How Social Media Bridge the Distance: Effective Communication Tips


You have had your business visible on social media for a long time, but you want to promote it more. You’d like people to be familiar with you, to have more customers that come from other sources, and to find… Read more
simplified invoice

What is a simplified invoice?

Let’s see what a simplified invoice is, what it should include and when you should issue it if you are self-employed in Spain.
accounting books

Required Accounting Books for Self-employed In Spain

Suppose you register as a self-employed in Spain. In that case, you should know you have other formal obligations in addition to paying taxes, such as accounting books.  You’ve probably heard that you must keep accounting books with the transactions… Read more
renting through Airbnb

7 Key Points of Renting Through Airbnb

In this article, we will to see the three points in favor and the three against renting your home through Airbnb. Take notes and analyze...
business name

5 Easy Keys For Choosing Your Business Name

When you start your entrepreneurial adventure, choosing the perfect business name is one of the most challenging things. That’s the Naming process by which we select a name for our activity, be it a company, website, blog, etc. It is… Read more
terminating contracts

Beware of Terminating Contracts With Certain Providers

When you look at all the expenses of your professional activity, it is very typical that you want to terminate certain contracts with some service providers. You probably don’t need them due to the drop in demand or because you… Read more

BYOD: What They Are And How To Use Them

BYOD policies or “Bring Your Own Device” are becoming more common in workplaces worldwide to save costs and increase productivity. But what are they and how to use them?  In this article, we’ll take a look at what BYOD policies… Read more
compound interest

Compound Interest For Better Living With Examples From Spain

Compound interest is the value generated on the amount of variable capital applied to an investment or a credit. We call it compound because we calculate it on the value of capital that constantly increases. After all, the interests are… Read more
Target Audience for Your Business

Know Your Target Audience for Your Business

Do you know the target audience for your business? What are they looking for? In today’s article, we will talk about the target audience, market segmentation and some strategy that can be very useful without forgetting the tools that help… Read more