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Organization: The Key to Having More Time



Time is one of the most valuable abstract things in the business world and even more if you are self-employed. We all know that the self-employed “have no work schedules”, in the sense that they work many hours. Therefore, we will see in the post today some guidelines to not waste time and be able to dedicate it to what really matters.

We recommend that you start just trying to carry out one or two of these recommendations and expand when you have them controlled. These are the habits:

1. A good organization

It is the key point. When you have everything organized, it’s easier to find what you’re looking for, right? Well, the same happens at work, take some time to organize your day well and you will see how in the end you save time. Being for a while thinking about what is the next thing you should do or put in the first place an activity that was not in such a hurry as you put in second place, is wasting time. Get organized but do it right.

It seems that physical agendas are no longer essential, a virtual calendar or a numbered list in a Word document can be good alternatives. To be well organized you must:

Have clear and close goals

It is not bad to have long-term goals, but it is much more rewarding to see how we achieve small goals every day. Set a series of goals and you will see how this encourages you to continue with the day.

Do not postpone decisions too much

It is good that you do not make important decisions until you meditate, but don’t do it for a long time, as that could make you wander. When an important decision is presented to you, if you see that you are not prepared to take it, decide for yourself the days you will need to carry it out, it will be immovable and you will not be able to postpone it anymore.

The not-so-pleasant tasks

They are the most common and we leave them for the end. The best thing is that you take off the task you don’t like as soon as possible on the agenda, it will overwhelm you and it will be relieving to have eliminated it. Afterward, you will be more relaxed and the remaining tasks will seem easier.

Delegate work to others

If you have the opportunity to have a team, do not intend to do everything yourself. Delegate work to others. To overwhelm you with many activities is not good either and there are likely to be tasks in which others are better than you.

2. Speak slowly

When we don’t have time we tend to speak little and fast, so we run the risk that our listener does not understand what we say and perform a task bad or just ask us again. This also wastes our time. When you delegate work, explain well how you want it, talk well with your clients trying to be clear. The Spanish saying goes: “Dress me slowly, I’m in a hurry.”

3. Learn to say “no”

Sometimes we spend a lot of time on things that didn’t convince us from the start. It is best to know how to reject from the beginning what is not effective.

4. “I think about it and I’ll call you later”

This is not extrapolated to everything, but some calls or inquiries are better postponed, since if you are doing a very important job and have reached a good level of concentration, recapturing the concentration can be difficult and will take time away.

5. “Today we have meeting”

Too many meetings or very long meetings can waste your time. You should be clear about what issues should be addressed in meetings and which not. Meetings are essential because they help us set priorities in the company, set goals and organize teamwork, but limiting the time spent.

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