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Security On Your Vacations

Security during vacations

We all have once left the house uneasy with a thought like: will they enter my house now that I am out? Or surely you go on vacation thinking that when you arrive at the destination, you will realize that you have left something at home or you have not done something that you should do, in short, insecurities.

The vacations arrive, and this forgetfulness can cause you some other annoyance. I am not exaggerating, you leave a light on day and night for two weeks and… scare of the electricity bill!

I leave you some tips and ideas that you can carry out before you go on vacation and be able to be calm while you are travelling.


Ideas you can carry out

The easiest thing would be to leave someone in charge to take care of your plants, collect the mail and do some chores. But not all of us have someone close to us who lends it to it. Therefore, you will have to take some precautions yourself before leaving and/or look for specialized companies that can help you.

To stay calm, the most important thing is to be sure that nobody enters your house. For this, you must be careful and not leave clues that your house is empty. The letters overflow in the mailbox, there is no light in the house, the blinds are down, it is a mistake!

Some choose to install a light in a room that is activated from time to time or programmed with a timer. In this way, it will turn on at eight in the afternoon and turn off at eleven every day. No one could know that it is not you who does it.


Outsource the services of a company

Of course, you can hire an alarm. If it were triggered, the responsible company would send someone to verify what is happening. This solution is usually more expensive, and some prefer to install cameras in their homes that directly store the data in the cloud. They can verify what happens at any time through the mobile with access to these images.

As for plants, there are all kinds of solutions for them to water automatically while you are away. There are even solutions for pets: water sources up to 3 litres, automatic feeders, etc. Just because you can’t think of a solution doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist! Get on the Internet search engine, and you will surely find something that can help you!


Be careful with the social networks!

It is better not to publish on your social networks the photos of your trip while you are enjoying it. It is preferable to do it later or share them with your closest and most trusted environment.

When we talk about social networks, we include WhatsApp. Many post photos of where they are in their states. The “problem” with states is that they can be seen by anyone who has your phone number. That is, that contact you added to sell him the old laptop, who also knows your address because you taught him that the laptop works, and he has seen what you have in your house…


All these ideas put into practice will not be enough of a brake for those who have set out to rob your house, but at least they cast doubt on whether there is someone or not. Therefore, if you are self-employed and knowing how hard you work every day of the year, if you go on vacation, enjoy! Take precautions and do not make life bitter!


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