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What Can I Do If My European Client Does Not Pay Me

European client

A few days ago, in a previous blog post, we told you what you could do if your client does not pay you and you have already made the invoice and even have it accounted. In today’s post, we will see what you can do in case a foreign customer does not pay you.


You don’t have to worry excessively about it. At least, no more than if that client were a Spanish debtor. We know that it is effortless to say, but we will give you a reason to think about it: the European Union has simplified the procedures for debt claims between the member countries, except with Denmark.


The process is called the European Payment Requirement, and it allows you to claim the payment of monetary debts for amounts greater than € 2.000, but without an amount limit, as long as they are due and demandable.


That is a straightforward and cheap way of claiming. You would not need a lawyer or attorney, but only fill out the official form, identifying the debt and relating it to the supporting invoices. What’s more, you don’t even need to know languages, because at the end of the document you will find an option to translate it into any language.


The document is found at this link, in forms and by clicking on the corresponding country, region and/or district. Also, do not forget to send it (to the address that appears when you select the dropdown menu) and pay the court fee to the court that corresponds to your client. This rate is usually indicated on the court’s website.


Once the European Payment Requirement has been notified, the client has three options:

1) Pay the debt.

2) Oppose, thus continuing the process before the jurisdictional organs of the member state, except if at the time of writing the request you had expressly forbidden it.

3) Do not answer, making the requesting executive. You could request the seizure of the client’s current accounts and real estate through an executive claim in your country.


Another point to keep in mind is that if the debt with your client does not exceed € 2.000, you can use a procedure called the European Low Amount Procedure, which comes to be like the one explained above, only that the action deadlines are shorter than usual.


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