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taxes in Spain

Annual Income Statement

Annual Income Statement Guide For Freelancers In Spain

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

1. Obligation to make the annual income statement At Selfemployed Spain, we often receive the question: Am I obliged to make the annual income statement?  As indicated by the Tax Agency on its website, all taxpayers who are individuals residing… Read more
Autonomo Tax Calculator

Autonomo Tax Calculator


In this detailed article you will learn how much you are going to pay in taxes if you become self-employed in Spain. Let's all 24 profiles...
Should I Sell My Home In Spain?

I’m Moving Abroad. Should I Sell My Home In Spain?

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

You have decided to go abroad, and you ask yourself: “Should I sell my home in Spain?” Well, it depends on whether or not you plan to buy a new house in the country you are going to. What is… Read more
Taxes Paid By The Self-employed In Spain

Taxes Paid By The Self-employed In Spain

Tax forms

In this article, like every year, we remind you of the key dates of the taxes paid by the self-employed in Spain. We are going to see what the 2022 tax calendar is and what are the most common tax… Read more
Tax penalties in Spain

Most Common Spanish Tax Penalties (Part 2)

Law and Tax Changes

Here comes the second part of the article The Most Common Spanish Tax Penalties. Here we analyse the tax penalties when you forget to submit returns that come out to return, to compensate, zero or are informative. In these cases… Read more
Tax penalties

Most Common Spanish Tax Penalties (Part 1)

Law and Tax Changes

I guess everyone, from the smallest self-employed worker to the largest companies, feels a certain unease when they receive a notification from the tax authorities. And the feeling of unease is not unfounded. A very high percentage (in our experience,… Read more
Spanish VAT

All You Need to Know About Spanish VAT

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

We are all used to buying things and paying VAT for them since childhood. In today’s article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about this tax in Spain: what VAT is levied on, the tax-exempt… Read more