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freelancers in Spain

renta tax return

Cancel a Renta Tax Return Already Filed


We are still in the deadline for the presentation of the 2022 Renta statement. We receive queries regarding the Renta tax return every day and one of them is what we would like to clarify today: Can I cancel a… Read more
Deductible expenses

Essential Deductible Expenses for Freelancers in Spain


The best way to save on taxes is not to miss out on the most common deductible expenses in the development of your activity. Of course, there are many specialities in the deductibility of expenses and activities.  Still, some expenses… Read more
Annual Income Statement

Annual Income Statement Guide For Freelancers In Spain


1. Obligation to make the annual income statement At Selfemployed Spain, we often receive the question: Am I obliged to make the annual income statement?  As indicated by the Tax Agency on its website, all taxpayers who are individuals living… Read more
Autonomo Tax Calculator

Autonomo Tax Calculator


In this detailed article you will learn how much you are going to pay in taxes if you become self-employed in Spain. Let's all 24 profiles...
Spanish IRPF

All You Need to Know About Spanish IRPF


One of the most important taxes in Spain is the Personal Income Tax or Spanish IRPF. It is a fairly complex tax. For this reason, in this article, we are going to see only what you need to know about… Read more
electronic updates

No More Tax Surprises: Receive Electronic Updates From the Tax Agency


It’s been a short time since electronic updates were established as the preferred means by the Spanish Tax Agency. And since then, more and more taxpayers have opted for this notification system.  Requirements to send electronic updates The conditions that… Read more
work on upwork

How Freelancers in Spain Work on Upwork


If you are a freelancer, you probably know professionals who work on Upwork using the platform to get jobs and clients. Although the platform is in English and all processes, registrations, contacts with clients, and acceptance of projects, are enabled… Read more
tax obligations for blog writers

Essential Tax Obligations For Blog Writers In Spain


Many writers or editors start their careers writing articles without knowing the essential tax obligations for blog writers in Spain. Usually, they start writing posts as guests on other blogs and making a name in the world of digital marketing.… Read more
get paid on time

8 Essential Rules To Get Paid On Time


We read daily about how difficult it is to get paid on time when you are self-employed. Many times the excuses of companies are they must first pay larger companies or that they get a lot of taxes this month.  In… Read more