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freelancers in Spain

My Client Is In Insolvency Proceedings

My Client Is In Insolvency Proceedings

Imagine you have a business where your product is excellent and innovative and works well. You make more and more supply commitments to your customers, and trust makes you increase credit terms with your most loyal customers. But suddenly, one… Read more
Be Self-employed And Collect Unemployment Payments

Be Self-employed in Spain And Collect Unemployment Payments

Starting your activity as a self-employed and continue to collect unemployment payments is an excellent way to ensure the liquidity of your business.  The Spanish Law drew up this rule for the first time in article 3 of Royal Decree-Law… Read more

What Are Incoterms?


Today we will talk about Incoterms, what are they and some examples. It may be that you meet a client who wants to apply an Incoterm, the EXW, for example, in the sale that you have to make. So to… Read more
tax deferral

How To Ask For a Tax Deferral?

Law and Tax Changes

In your daily activity, you have to face many payments: product providers, external services, self-employed’s fees, taxes, etc. There may come a time when you have water up to your neck. Who do you defer payment to at those times?… Read more
Tax Deferrals For The Self-employed

COVID-19: Tax Deferrals For The Self-employed In 2021

Law and Tax Changes

There are several changes in the tax deferrals for the self-employed in 2021. On March 13, a new measure came into force (approved in Royal Decree-Law 5/2021; third additional provision) that aims to improve the self-employed and SMEs’ solvency in… Read more
Do You Know The Different Types Of Self-employed In Spain?

Do You Know The Different Types Of Self-employed In Spain?


You may be thinking of becoming self-employed in Spain. However, do you know the different types of self-employed in Spain? Indeed you are not very clear which modality to take advantage of and how many types of freelancers there are.… Read more

All About “Pluriactividad” for Self-employed in Spain

Social Security

[Figures updated to 16/02/2021] You have probably heard about “pluriactividad”, but you don’t know exactly what it is and if in your case you can take it in to register as a self-employed. In today’s post, we solve all your… Read more