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Cancel a Renta Tax Return Already Filed

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

renta tax return

We are still in the deadline for the presentation of the 2022 Renta statement. We receive queries regarding the Renta tax return every day and one of them is what we would like to clarify today: Can I cancel a Renta tax return already filed?

You cannot confirm the draft if you have been self-employed in 2022

Many self-employed who have started their activity for the first time in 2022 have tried to confirm the draft. Furthermore, they are pleased to receive a return despite having a high income in 2022. But then they get a strange error or get the message that income from economic activities is not included.

That’s when difficulties arise

They pluck up the courage to prepare their Renta form by downloading the information available to the Agency. Here, they forget to include the data related to their self-employed activity, partially or totally. Remember that this information is essential and must be included in the declaration if you carry out an economic activity. What can we do in these cases?

Can I cancel a Renta tax return already filed?

As we already discussed in our Renta guide, it’s possible to correct certain errors. Eliminating an income already filed is much more complex.

In the case of not being obliged to present it, but you’ve already done it, you can’t delete it.

If you have the obligation to submit it, and you have already filed it with errors, you must present a complementary or a substitute statement. This case calls for action before the June 30 deadline of the voluntary period. Otherwise, they can impose a sanction.

How to cancel a Renta tax return already filed?

To cancel a Renta tax return, you will need an appointment in advance at the Tax Agency’s office and manage it directly in person.

You might as well write a letter explaining the reasons and requesting the annulment. Although, you should know that’s a fairly complex process and we recommend you to count on a tax advisor.

In addition, this management must be carried out within the voluntary term, because once this term has passed, nothing can be done.

What if I present the Renta tax return without being obligated?

Suppose you do not carry out any economic activity and review the draft of the Renta tax statement. The result is to pay and you are not obliged to present it. Then, you will see on the first page a notice of “not confirmable draft”.

The Treasury sends you the data reminding you that you do not have to pay when you don’t reach the minimum you have to declare.

Nevertheless, if you choose to file it, the Tax Agency may make adjustments. They even may send you a tax check if any disparities with the numbers you furnish are identified. The fact you have declared without obligation has no effect.

Last details…

Given the complexity of Renta statements for self-employed workers, our team always suggests that you let an advisor handle it. There are many details and requirements that you must consider. From coincidence in the amounts of the Social Security fees to critical details regarding start-of-activity or regional deductions.

In Selfemployed Spain, our experts could make your Renta statement as long as you are an active client. They examine what applies to your situation and give you continuous counsel on the ability to reduce your tax costs.

Remember that every little step counts for your success. So stay focused on your goals and never give up. Trust your taxes in us, simplify your business and watch it prosper!

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