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Tax Agency (Hacienda)

I Work With Italki. How Do I Manage My Invoices?

I Work With Italki. How Do I Manage My Invoices?

More and more freelancers are dedicated to teaching languages and working with platforms such as Italki, developing their activity with students from all over the world. This type of platform has transformed the teaching and learning of different languages. You… Read more
my provider does not issue invoices

What Can I Do If My Supplier Won’t Give Me An Invoice?

In difficult times like the one we are going through, the Spanish picaresque comes to light. In this article, I am going to give you solutions to the possible actions of the so-called rogue, who with his cunning, deceit and… Read more
Tax penalties in Spain

Most Common Spanish Tax Penalties (Part 2)

Here comes the second part of the article The Most Common Spanish Tax Penalties. Here we analyse the tax penalties when you forget to submit returns that come out to return, to compensate, zero or are informative. In these cases… Read more
Tax penalties

Most Common Spanish Tax Penalties (Part 1)

I think everyone, from the smallest self-employed worker to the largest companies, feels a certain unease when they receive a notification from the tax authorities. And the feeling of unease is not unfounded. A very high percentage (in our experience,… Read more
Deductible works

What can I deduct from the flat I am renting?

You can deduct the costs of works carried out on a rented flat depending on the nature of the work. In today’s article, we will see the types of deduction for works if you rent one of your properties. You… Read more
Expenses at home

Deductible Expenses If You Work at Home

For just over a year, much controversy has arisen over the deductible expenses if you work at home. Most of them related to housing where a freelancer or professional carries out their activity. Everyone will think that it is coherent… Read more
Check expense invoices

Do Not Forget to Check Your Expense Invoices

In other articles of our blog, we have talked about the information that an invoice must contain to be valid. Here we are going to focus on what to do if the invoice did not comply with the standard and… Read more
Spanish VAT

Everything You Need to Know About Spanish VAT

We are all used to buying things and paying VAT for them since childhood. In today’s article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about this tax in Spain: what VAT is levied on, the tax-exempt… Read more
Holiday rentals in Spain

Don’t Forget To Pay Taxes For Holiday Rental!

The immense boom in vacation rentals is undeniable! From the owner of an apartment on the beach rented in the summer months to those who have become entrepreneurs running a rental business.  All of these situations are regulated by law… Read more