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Tax Agency (Hacienda)

electronic services

Electronic Services and Form 368 In Spain

What are electronic services and form 368 in Spain? Globalization in business has made us receive these inquiries more regularly than before. And it is crucial to determine if the service you will provide is an electronic service or not… Read more
Tax Obligations In Spain Without Income

Tax Obligations In Spain Without Income

Did you know you have tax obligations in Spain, even without income or expenses? The VAT declaration is one of the primary tax obligations of a self-employed person.  Although it may seem that if you have no income and no… Read more
Differences Between IAE And CNAE

Differences Between IAE And CNAE

When starting your activity as a self-employed in Spain is important to know the differences between IAE and CNAE. Let's dig in here...
tax declaration

How To Correct A Tax Declaration In Spain

Indeed if you are self-employed, you have made a mistake in a tax declaration. The errors can be of different sorts: lack of information, incorrect data, with or without prejudice to the Administration.  And there are different ways of correcting… Read more
rental income

VAT on Rental Income In Spain

When we talk about online platforms and rental income, we think about Airbnb. That company has become the colossus of intermediation between owners of rental homes and tenants. The great success of this platform is due to how easy it… Read more
accrual criterion

What Is The Accrual Criterion In Spain

It mainly concerns when and how to pay VAT on products or services provided to customers.  In this article, we will see what it is, its characteristics and the other criteria, the Cash Criterion (“Criterio de caja”). What do accrual… Read more
up to date with payments

What Is to Be Up to Date With Payments?

If you are self-employed, at least once, they will have asked you for “the certificate of being up to date with payments”. And indeed, you have gone to Google to see what this means and where to obtain that certificate.… Read more
Should I Sell My Home In Spain?

I’m Moving Abroad. Should I Sell My Home In Spain?

You have decided to go abroad, and you ask yourself: “Should I sell my home in Spain?” Well, it depends on whether or not you plan to buy a new house in the country you are going to. What is… Read more
form 347

Form 347: Operations With Third Parties In Spain

If you are an entrepreneur, self-employed, or intend to be, you have undoubtedly heard of form 347 for operations with third parties in Spain. And do you know what it consists of and who is obliged to present it?  In… Read more