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sell online as individual

Sell ​​Online In Spain As a Private Individual


Have you ever purchased or sold any goods online, new or second-hand? Maybe you asked yourself about the legal or tax repercussions to sell online as an individual. To detect business people who are carrying out a covert economic activity… Read more
open a franchise

How to Open a Franchise


One of the easiest and most comfortable ways to start your own business is to open a franchise. But do you know how to do it? In this article, we will show you the most important characteristics of the franchise… Read more

What Are Incoterms?


Today we will talk about Incoterms, what are they and some examples. It may be that you meet a client who wants to apply an Incoterm, the EXW, for example, in the sale that you have to make. So to… Read more
EORI number

What Is The EORI Number?


More and more freelancers and companies have to request their EORI Number: the economic operator registration and identification number. In most cases, what usually happens is that pending the dispatch of merchandise, either because you are importing or exporting, you… Read more
invoices Spain

What Must Invoices Include In Spain?


Suppose your activity makes you issue invoices in Spain, and you don’t know what these must include to be completely valid. In that article, we will explain the requirements to issue an invoice and their copies in Spain. 1. Number… Read more
Billing Without Paying The Social Security Fee

Billing Without Paying The Social Security Fee

Social Security

In today’s article, we will analyze all the situations in which you could issue invoices without paying the Social Security fee in Spain. That is, defend your decision not to register with Social Security, but only with the Tax Agency. … Read more
delegating Fiverr

How Can Fiverr Help You Be More Efficient In Your Business?


Delegating tasks to Fiverr professionals is a smart move for any company or business looking to grow. In addition, it will help you be more efficient in your business, among other things. Fiverr is a platform that brings together freelance… Read more
register a trademark

How To Register a Trademark In Spain


If you are self-employed, you may not want your company to be directly associated with your name. And the next question you ask yourself is: How to register a trademark in Spain? This article explains how to do it, what… Read more
growth plan

How to Create a Growth Plan That Really Works


How do I create a growth plan that really works for my business? Where do I start and how do I continue? There are a lot of courses and information on the Internet on the subject. How do I know… Read more