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What Is The EORI Number?

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EORI number

More and more freelancers and companies have to request their EORI Number: the economic operator registration and identification number. In most cases, what usually happens is that pending the dispatch of merchandise, either because you are importing or exporting, you receive a customs call requesting your EORI number to be able to serve the merchandise, which you don’t even know what it is.

What is the EORI number?

It is an identification number for the entire European Union. All those economic operators who carry out imports and exports must register and obtain an EORI number.

Who should have an EORI number?

All those economic operators of the member states must request it. That is, all natural or legal persons or entities that, within the framework of a business or professional activity, carry out customs activities.

In the case of branches and permanent establishments of non-resident entities, they will have to request it to carry out customs operations.

Individuals, who carry out imports in a personal capacity, are not required to have EORI until they carry out 5 operations. In this case, they will have to request it.

EORI number composition

For those operators registered in Spain and who have a NIF or NIE assigned by the AEAT, it is:

– 2-digit ISO code, in the case of Spain it is: (ES)

– Followed by your Tax Identification Number.

How to request the EORI number?

You have to request it on the  AEAT website, in EORI Spanish registration and selecting your digital certificate. The Tax Agency will validate the EORI number almost at the moment. At most, it may take 48 hours, but under normal conditions, it is immediate.

The administration was in charge of automatically registering more than 90% of SMEs. Hence, numerous companies that, after carrying out the first customs procedure, were automatically registered. It is possible that the companies don’t even know it, but they are already registered.

The Tax Agency doesn’t issue any EORI certificate. Still, you can consult the information on the Taxation and Customs Union website of the European Commission.


You should not confuse the EORI number with other identification numbers assigned by the tax authorities, such as the VAT number in the VIES or Authorized Economic Operator census. Although they are the same in most cases, they do not have to, and we should adequately speak of each of them.

Thus, when you request the EORI number, you will no longer worry because it is not an export/import license or anything like that. It is only a registry, and in most cases, the customs administration itself will register ex officio.

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