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How to obtain the Digital Certificate

digital certificate

In this tutorial, we explain how to obtain the Digital Certificate in Spain which allows you to access most online Administration’s services.

NOTICE: This tutorial has been done using Internet Explorer so there may be differences with other browsers in the last point of the tutorial. To avoid mistakes we recommend using Internet Explorer as a default browser for request and download of certificates.

1. First of all, you have to access the website of Fábrica Nacional de Moneda y Timbre https://www.sede.fnmt.gob.es/en/certificados/persona-fisica/obtener-certificado-software:

fnmt website

Note that you have to choose “Obtaining a Software Certificate” below “Private individual”.

2. Select the second link “Applying for your certificate online”.

3. As you can see, the next window is not translated in Spanish, so we’ll tell you how to fill in the form:


3.1. In number 1 you should write your tax identification number (NIF or NIE).

3.2. Number 2 is for your surname.

3.3. Number 3 and 4 is for your email address. It’s very important to write a valid email because the FNMT will send you a code you have to use to obtain the certificate.

3.4. When you press the link for number 5, you have to go down and accept the conditions and privacy policy of FNMT by adding a tick:


3.5. Then you should press the “Enviar petición” button below (number 6).

4. You will receive an email with the FNMT Private Individual Code for Digital Certificate.

5. Now you have to make an appointment in Hacienda’s office as we show you in our next tutorial “How to make an appointment in Hacienda”.

6. Finally, you have to go to Hacienda carrying the code you received by email and your NIF/NIE.

7. In the Treasury (Hacienda), they will verify that you are the same person who requested the code.

8. And after that, you only have to go to the same computer and browser from which you requested the certificate. To download it, go to this link of FNMT: https://www.sede.fnmt.gob.es/en/certificados/persona-fisica/obtener-certificado-software/descargar-certificado


Again, you have to fill in your NIF or NIE (number 1), your surname (number 2), your FNMT Private Individual Code (number 3), and accept the terms and conditions of number 4. Then just press the “Descargar certificado” button.

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