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What Is A Non-disclosure Agreement?

Non-disclosure Agreement NDA

How often have you promised to keep a secret? Perhaps you’ve promised someone that you won’t disclose something they’re planning to do with employment, such as look for a new job. But there is something more formal that’s designed to protect information that you don’t want to be shared with everyone. 

That is a non-disclosure agreement, and basically, it means that a company can protect information by enforcing confidentiality. It also binds the person, whether formally or through accident, from revealing the information.

Sometimes that sort of agreement is understood, such as the one between a doctor and a patient or between an attorney and client. But companies use these sorts of agreements to protect information, such as formulas or trade secrets. 

Perhaps you’re a tech company and you’ve developed an app or a piece of software that is unique and different. What else do you need to know about these sorts of agreements? The graphic below explains it.

But before getting fully into the matter, we want to introduce you to the company that collaborates by lending us their infographic. They are Kyra Systems and they make Machine Learning Contract Search, Review and Analysis Software available to you.

Get to know them through their original article or their Twitter account.

non-disclosure agreement

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