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accounting books

Required Accounting Books for Self-employed In Spain


Suppose you register as a self-employed in Spain. In that case, you should know you have other formal obligations in addition to paying taxes, such as accounting books.  You’ve probably heard that you must keep accounting books with the transactions… Read more
complete invoice

How to Make a Complete Invoice In Spain


If you are self-employed in Spain, you should know how to make a complete invoice. This article interests you if you don’t know what it must contain to be completely valid.  Requirements to issue a complete invoice Below, we explain… Read more
Billing Without Paying The Social Security Fee

Billing Without Paying The Social Security Fee

Social Security

In today’s article, we will analyze all the situations in which you could issue invoices without paying the Social Security fee in Spain. That is, defend your decision not to register with Social Security, but only with the Tax Agency. … Read more
my provider does not issue invoices

What Can I Do If My Supplier Won’t Give Me An Invoice?


“What can I do if my supplier won’t give me an invoice?” That’s a question we receive more frequently in recent times. In difficult times like the one we are going through, the Spanish picaresque comes to light. In this… Read more
Check expense invoices

Do Not Forget to Check Your Expense Invoices


How should you check your expense invoices? In other articles of our blog, we have talked about the information that an invoice must contain to be valid. Here we are going to focus on what to do if the invoice… Read more