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How Can Fiverr Help You Be More Efficient In Your Business?

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Delegating tasks to Fiverr professionals is a smart move for any company or business looking to grow. In addition, it will help you be more efficient in your business, among other things.

Fiverr is a platform that brings together freelance service professionals from around the world. This project started in February 2010 and initially focused on offering only $ 5 services, hence its name. However, the level of professionals that you will find there today is very varied: from beginners with very cheap offers to recognized professionals who provide services of thousands of euros.

Let’s look at the types of jobs you can outsource through Fiverr and the freelancer levels that exist on the platform.

Types of jobs Fiverr professionals do

The types of jobs are related to digital services, such as:

● Graphic design     

● Digital advertising     

● Writing and translation     

● Video and animation     

● Music and audio     

● Programming and technology     

● Business     

● Lifestyle     

Freelance levels on Fiverr and how to find them

Fiverr offers 4 levels of freelancers: level 0, level 1, level 2 and level Pro. To achieve and maintain each level, each freelancer has to go through various stages and maintain them over time. The factors that Fiverr takes into account for this assessment are:

1. These professionals maintain a consistently high score of 4 or 5 points. That means most customers are satisfied with the quality of work (match between what is offered and what is delivered). 

2. On-time delivery of all your work.     

3. Excellent communication with the client throughout the development of the project.     

Also, the time factor is essential on the platform. The freelancer has to demonstrate that he carries out an activity is with professional dedication and that it is not a simple hobby or temporary job.

Level 0 represents new people within the platform but can also represent people who have long been registered and do not take their work seriously. Levels 1 and 2 show that the professional is good in his career and has professionalized gradually.

Finally, there is the Pro level. Only professionals who have been rated as very competent in what they do are included at this level:

● They have demonstrated a sustained income of more than $ 20,000 within the platform,     

● have necessary certifications within their professional career, and     

● customer satisfaction has been high.     

● They can be freelancers but also agencies that have a large team of qualified people.     

● Fiverr selects these people manually.     

To select the level of freelancer you want, you have to search for the type of service you want to hire and filter the search by the level of the freelancer.

Delegating tasks to Fiverr freelancers

Delegating work to competent people helps increase business productivity. The digital world requires the development of tasks in which it is necessary to be trained. For example, writing a creative article is not the same as writing an article with SEO writing, nor is advertising on social networks the same as starting a co-branding campaign.

People who do these types of tasks understand the digital world and its importance to achieve specific business and marketing goals. In addition, the freelancers you find on these platforms know how to work remotely, which is a highly requested quality these days.

Not all professionals who Fiverr hires, or any other platform, are professionals legally. That is a risk you run with any freelancer or company hired for the first time online.

But… isn’t that really where the success of companies lies? You have to search for professionals to carry out the tasks and discover how to delegate tasks through the internet. Then you learn to value the person you hire and, finally, appreciate their work and keep them happy over time.

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