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5 Easy Keys For Choosing Your Business Name

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When you start your entrepreneurial adventure, choosing the perfect business name is one of the most challenging things. That’s the Naming process by which we select a name for our activity, be it a company, website, blog, etc.

It is best to be clear from the beginning, but this is not always the case. It rarely happens. We give it much thought and it is crucial to meditate on it well since it will resonate many times in your head.

So in this article, we will focus on five easy keys to choosing the perfect business name.

1. Originality

If you already have a name in mind, search for it on Google and social networks, and check that no one has thought of that name before. It is likely that it already exists, and if this is the case, it is advisable to look for another. Whoever is looking for you could get confused and enter another web page. And it would not be easy for them to find your services, in addition to the legal conflicts it could cause you.

To prevent this from happening to you, you should search for an original, unique name that has never been used and characterizes you.

2. Easy to remember and pronounce

When we see a new word, our mind quickly associates it with an experience or a similar word. Thus, for example, the first time I heard the word Stakhanovite came to my mind nine, new, sight, or scam. What these words have in common is that they are shorter and much more common in our day-to-day lives.

I mean by this that you can use a surprising and original term that has not been heard before but is not too difficult to pronounce and can be associated with similar experiences or words.

So as not to leave you in doubt, a Stakhanovist is a person who takes great care of his work and is efficient at it. The next time you hear this term, this article will come to mind. You are associating your first experience with the word and its form (s+t+a+k+h+a…).

3. Keep it short and simple

To remember a name easily, we must take into account brevity. Most people tend to abbreviate the proper names of their relatives, friends, etc. That happens because our mind captures better short and simple names in pronunciation.

You can use acronyms if what you want to express is too long. Some examples are: IBM, BMW, and FNAC. Also, you can choose to put your first or last name. Of course, remember that nobody may remember your brand unless you are someone already famous.

Some choose a combination of words that create another unknown that attracts attention. An example is Langool which comes from Language School. Others directly join these two words into one like this: DigitalMarketer, without dividing or creating another word.

No matter what version you use, keep it short and simple.

4. That draws attention

This point is linked to originality. We cannot be satisfied with giving our business our name even more so if it is a very common proper name in Spain. Thus, for example, if you set up a hairdressing salon in the centre of Malaga, “Peluquería María” would not be a great idea, nor would it be very attractive. It would probably violate the first point. There will be many companies that have used that name before.

That is also where the controversy with the English terms. For some people, an English term is more attractive and important. In contrast, for others, it would even be immediately objectionable. It happens for various reasons, most likely because they don’t know English and don’t care to find out what it means.

I advise you on this topic to study the interests of your audience and whether or not they would like an English term. It is clear that if it is an activity you will develop internationally, it will be more convenient to use a word in English since it is the universal language.

5. Avoid double meanings

Some names are more memorable than others, but you don’t want to choose something that’s too ambiguous or funny. You also don’t want something off-putting or offending just reading it. You’ll also want to make sure that the domain name (because if you’re not on the Internet, you don’t exist) is available and that the name isn’t someone else’s trademark.

Think of all the possibilities.

Of course, a name is important, but it does not work miracles. The product or service you provide also has to be attractive. 

A good slogan and logo make your name even more visible and clarify what your activity is about. You still don’t know how far your mind can go when inventing new things. We are very creative, and the important thing is to find inspiration.

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