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How to make an appointment in Hacienda

How to make an appointment in Hacienda

In this tutorial, we explain how to make an appointment in the Tax Agency (Hacienda) in Spain. We explain it for the purpose to obtain the digital certificate, but you could use this tutorial till point 5 to select whatever procedure you need.

1. You have to access the AEAT website here: https://www.agenciatributaria.es/AEAT.internet/en_gb/Inicio.shtml

2. From the menu on the left of the screen in Contact us, choose Appointments.

appointment in Hacienda 1

3. On this screen choose “Appointment request for individuals”:

appointment in Hacienda 2

4. Here you have to fill in your NIF or NIE for number 1, your surname, and then your name. If you have two surnames, then you have to enter them like this [surname 1 surname 2, name]. Press the “Enviar” button.

5. Then press “Gestión Censal, Cl@ve PIN y acreditación certificado digital”:


6. You have to choose “Personas físicas: Apoderamientos. Acreditación Certificado digital FNMT.NEO.”:

appointment in Hacienda 4

7. You have to enter your mobile phone (2 times) as it is mandatory:

appointment in Hacienda 5

And your email if you want to receive an email confirmation with your appointment:

appointment in Hacienda 6

Then press the “Solicitar Cita” button below.

8. Next you have to choose the Hacienda’s office for the appointment. Select the third option and select your province:

appointment in Hacienda 7

Press the “Enviar” button.

9. In our example, we choose Malaga, so the next screen shows the districts of Hacienda’s offices. So we choose Malaga’s office.

appointment in Hacienda 8

10. Now you have to choose the day for your appointment:

appointment in Hacienda 8

11. Then select the hour for the appointment and press the “Enviar” button.

appointment in Hacienda 9

12. Now you have made the appointment. You’ll receive an SMS or an email with your appointment.

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