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How to authorise in Social Security

Social Security authorization


NOTICE: This tutorial has been done using Internet Explorer so there may be differences with other browsers in the last point of the tutorial. To avoid errors we recommend using Internet Explorer as a default browser.

1. You have to access the Social Security website and click on Sede Electrónica:

social security1

2. Next click on the language to change to English:

social security2

Then you have to click on Companies and select the option RED:

social security3

3. On the next screen you have to click on the Confirmation of allocation of CCCs or NAFs to a RED authorised person option:

social security4

When you click on this link there will appear three different options from which you have to select to do the authorisation with Digital Certificate:

social security5
Here you have to select your digital certificate previously installed on your browser.

4. On the next screen you have to put a tick below Confirmar and then click on Validar below:


Then click on Validar again.

5. Finally, you will visualize a confirmation with the assignment of your NAF to the RED authorised:

social security7

Here you can change your data by clicking on Modificar Datos if you notice the data is incorrect.

If all the data is correct, click on Generar Justificante to generate a proof document. It will be generated in pdf and if you use Internet Explorer it will be opened in a new window.

You have done the authorisation successfully.