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How to authorise in Social Security

Social Security authorization

In this tutorial, you will learn how to authorize another person to carry out some procedures on your behalf in Social Security. With this authorization, the authorised person, for example, can register and deregister you from Social Security. Also, they will have access to your telematic notifications from Social Security.

NOTE: This tutorial has been made with Google Chrome, so there may be differences with other browsers in the display of some options.

IMPORTANT: As of 21/05/2022, the route of the first 2 points of our tutorial does not work, since the Social Security redirection does not work. You will see that if you follow points 1 and 2 you will end up with how to pay certain debts with a credit card. We do not remove these points because we trust that Social Security will change the incorrect redirects soon.

0. Access this Social Security link and then go to point 3.

1. You have to access the Social Security website and click on Sede Electrónica:

2. Next click on the language to change to English:

social security2

Then you have to click on Companies and select the option RED:

3. On the next screen you have to click on the Confirmation of allocation of CCCs or NAFs to a RED authorised party option:

When you click on Obtener Acceso, there will appear several options from which you have to select to do the authorisation with DNIe or certificate:

Here you have to select your digital certificate previously installed on your browser. You can do the same using your Cl@ve if you have one or Via SMS. Keep in mind that steps could be a little different though!

4. On the next screen you have to put a tick below Confirmar and then click on Validar below:

Then click on Confirmar again.

5. Finally, you will visualize a confirmation with the assignment of your NAF to the RED authorised:

As of 21/05/2022, there is an error at this point on the Social Security page. So whether you press one button or another, you get the error: “La dirección de email como afiliado introducida es incorrecta.

Due to this error, you will not be able to Modify data or Generate a proof document. This does not mean that the authorization has not been carried out correctly. If you are a client of Selfemployed Spain, we will update your data during registration with Social Security, so don’t worry about it.

Here you can change your data by clicking on Modificar Datos if you notice the data is incorrect.

If all the information is correct, click on Generar Justificante to generate a proof document. It will be generated in pdf and will be opened in a new window.

You have done the authorisation successfully.

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