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Change Your Bank Account For Your Social Security Payments


NOTICE: This tutorial has been done using Internet Explorer so there may be differences with other browsers in the last point of the tutorial. To avoid mistakes we recommend using Internet Explorer as a default browser for request and download of certificates.

1. You have to access the Social Security website and click on Sede Electrónica:

social security1

2. Next, click on Citizens and then on Contribution:


3. On the screen that appears, you must choose the option Direct debit from a bank account and click on Digital certificate:


Here you must select your digital certificate that you must have previously installed in the browser. You can also access with Cl@ve if you have it.

4. Once you access, you must enter the new bank account in the empty boxes. At the end click on New/Modification below:


5. Next, enter the missing data by selecting the “0521 – TRABAJADORES AUTÓNOMOS” option:


6. On the next screen, you will see a summary of the data entered and you must click on Confirm below.


When you have finished, the system will notify you that you have changed your bank account for the domiciliation of the self-employed payments satisfactorily. You can print a receipt of the changes made by clicking Print below.