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Certificate Of Being Up To Date With Social Security Payments

In this tutorial, you will learn how to download the certificate of being up to date with the payment with the self-employed fees. That is, be up to date with Social Security payments.

NOTE: This tutorial has been made with Google Chrome, so there may be differences with other browsers in the display of some options.

1. Go to the Social Security website and click on Sede Electrónica:

2. Next, click on Citizens and click on Reports and Certificates:

3. The next thing you should do is log in by clicking on Acceder at the top right:

If you do not access previously and continue to point 5, the system will force you to do so, but you will not be able to access the option directly and you will have to follow the steps from point 2 again.

4. You can identify yourself with any of these options: Permanent Cl@ve, Cl@ve PIN, Via SMS, electronic DNI or digital certificate, and EU Login. In this tutorial, we have used the digital certificate option.

5. On the screen that appears, you must choose Report on being up-to-date on all Social Security contributions and leave the option in your own name. Then press on Consultar:

6. Choose the generic certificate, which is the one that is usually requested unless you are asked for a grant or to work for the public sector. Click on Continuar:

7. Now the print button Imprimir appears below, press it and another window will open with the link to the certificate:

8. Finally, click on Certificado and the certificate will open in pdf ready to print.

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