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On this page, you can see some of the most used tools and tutorials for freelancers in Spain.
Unfortunately not all the steps are in English on the administration’s pages. That is why we believe that with the screenshots we give you it is easier to achieve the objective of each tutorial.
Contact us if you think we are missing an essential tutorial here.


How to obtain the Digital Certificate

Make an appointment in the Tax Agency (Hacienda) in Spain

Days Without Electronic Notifications From the Spanish Tax Agency

How to authorise in Social Security

Change Your Bank Account For Your Social Security Payments

Certificate Of Being Up To Date With Social Security Payments


Autonomo Tax Calculator – If you are considering becoming self-employed in Spain, surely the first thing you will look for is an autonomo tax calculator. Then this guide is for you! We include here more than 20 different situations to help you calculate an estimate of what you will have to pay in taxes.

Annual Income Statement Guide For Freelancers In Spain – the so called Renta statement in detail! Learn more about this statement which is almost in any case mandatory for self-employed in Spain. Here you have the main points of this huge guide: 1. Obligation to make the annual income statement 2. Individual or joint statement 3. Deduction for the acquisition of habitual residence: transitory regime 4. Rent deduction for tenants: transitory regime 5. Nursery deduction 6. Income statement submitted with errors. What can you do? 7. Pay less on your income statement (Madrid and Valencia deductions)

Aside from our tools and tutorials for freelancers in Spain, you can find more information in our Freelance Guide. If you have more questions related to procedures, taxes, self-employed payments, etc., this guide is for you (no opt-in needed)! Here you can find out more about:

1. What are the Tax Agency and Social Security?
2. What do I need to register as a freelancer in Spain?
3. Bonuses in the Social Security payments
4. Everything you should know about the Spanish VAT
5. Everything you should know about the IRPF (Income tax)
6. Most common tax forms for self-employed in Spain
7. VIES Registration (ROI)
8. Deductible expenses
9. Non-deductible expenses
10. What is prorrata?
11. What is equivalence surcharge (Recargo de Equivalencia)?

The more you know about being self-employed in Spain, the better you will run your business. And with our online platform, you can spend more time on what you like the most. Our cheapest plan is worth € 70 a month!

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