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renting through Airbnb

7 Key Points of Renting Through Airbnb

In this article, we will to see the three points in favor and the three against renting your home through Airbnb. Take notes and analyze...
Warranty For Products You Buy As An Entrepreneur

Warranty For Products You Buy As An Entrepreneur

Product guarantee is a right and a duty that every consumer and seller has when buying and selling products and services. The guarantee has its origins in the value of the word and the history of use of the products.… Read more
Liability Insurance For Self-employed In Spain

Liability Insurance For Self-employed In Spain

With civil liability insurance, self-employed in Spain can acquire more significant protection guarantees throughout their professional life. Are you considering taking out one? Here we explain exactly what they are and how they can benefit you. What does liability insurance… Read more
“Suplidos” or Re-invoicing of Expenses

“Suplidos” or Re-invoicing of Expenses


There is great confusion, especially among professionals, about how to invoice travel expenses (locomotion, accommodation, meals) when the client is willing to pay them. So here we have two possibilities. We can consider it as a supply (“suplido”) or as… Read more
Expenses at home

Deductible Expenses If You Work at Home

For just over a year, much controversy has arisen over the deductible expenses if you work at home. Most of them related to housing where a freelancer or professional carries out their activity. Everyone will think that it is coherent… Read more
Check expense invoices

Do Not Forget to Check Your Expense Invoices

How should you check your expense invoices? In other articles of our blog, we have talked about the information that an invoice must contain to be valid. Here we are going to focus on what to do if the invoice… Read more