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autonomo registration Spain

up to date with payments

What Is to Be Up to Date With Payments?


If you are self-employed, at least once, they will have asked you for “the certificate of being up to date with payments”. And indeed, you have gone to Google to see what this means and where to obtain that certificate.… Read more
Self-employed Payments In Spain

Calculate Your Self-employed Payments In Spain


Each year brings changes in the Social Security payments for self-employed workers in Spain. Calculate your self-employed payments for this year 2022! We explain everything below… To calculate the self-employed payment, you need two amounts, the contribution base and the… Read more
Blog Articles Of Selfemployed Spain

The Blog Articles Of Selfemployed Spain In 2021

We have just said goodbye to another year on the blog of selfemployedspain.com. Perhaps it was even more of a challenge for you than 2020, the official year of the pandemic, or perhaps you have led your business to success… Read more
My Client Is In Insolvency Proceedings

My Client Is In Insolvency Proceedings


Imagine you have a business where your product is excellent and innovative and works well. You make more and more supply commitments to your customers, and trust makes you increase credit terms with your most loyal customers. But suddenly, one… Read more
Become a Self-employed Autonomo

How To Become a Self-employed Autonomo in Spain?


When you decide to start a self-employed activity, the first question to solve is: “How to become a self-employed (autonomo) in Spain?”. The first thing you should do is apply for registration or enrollment in the Entrepreneurs, Professionals and Withholders… Read more
Pluriactivity or flat rate?

Pluriactivity or Flat Rate In The Self-employed Payments?


“Should I register as self-employed using pluriactivity or Flat rate in the self-employed payments in Social Security?” More and more people have business concerns and want to start a business project. And many of them are already working as employees,… Read more

All About “Pluriactividad” for Self-employed in Spain


[Figures updated to 16/02/2021] You have probably heard about “pluriactividad”, but you don’t know exactly what it is and if in your case you can take it in to register as a self-employed. In today’s post, we solve all your… Read more