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Days Without Electronic Notifications From the Spanish Tax Agency

In this tutorial, we will talk about the days without electronic notifications. That is essential if you want to have pleasant holidays without any urgent interruptions because you need to respond to a tax requirement.

If you are one of those who prefer to receive electronic notifications from public administrations, and therefore have registered with the DEH (Enabled Electronic Address), it is essential to know that the Tax Agency has a procedure to request up to 30 days on which notifications will not be posted on your enabled email address.

How to start receiving electronic notifications?

If you didn’t even know that this option existed to receive only electronic notifications, and leave paper notifications behind, you just have to enter this link with your digital certificate, create a DEH and subscribe to the administrative procedures that you decide (in this link you can see all the organizations that allow you this option to receive electronic notifications).

Days Without Electronic Notifications From the Spanish Tax Agency

1. To be able to choose these days you have to access Notifications on the Tax Agency’s website and click on Request days on which notifications will not be posted on the Enabled Email Address.

2. To access this procedure you must have your digital certificate installed in your browser, have an electronic DNI or use the Cl@ve PIN system.

3. On the next screen you must click on Access certified or ELECTRONIC ID CARD.

If the system detects that you are subscribed to the DEH, it will show you the calendar of the current calendar year so that you can choose the desired days. But before carrying out that procedure you must take into account the following aspects to adequately plan your days of absence (… example on your vacation):

3.1. The electronic notifications made available to you in the DEH or in the Tax Agency Notifications, prior to the beginning of the period marked as absence, are understood to have been notified after 10 days if you do not access them.

For this reason, we recommend that the first day of your absence period be your last working day, so you can access your mailbox and verify that there are no pending notifications.

3.2. You must also select Saturdays and Sundays.

That screen is not translated into English (Tax Agency’s website)

3.3. Next, you must click on the “Modificar” option to choose the courtesy days.

3.4. You can only mark the days available. Once selected they will be marked in green.

3.5. All you have to do is click on “Validar” at the bottom left.

3.6. And, finally, click on “Sign and Send” (at the bottom left as well).

3.7. In the next window you must mark “In agreement” and again in “Sign and Send“.

3.8. An application receipt is automatically generated with a 16-character CSV code and the calendar with the courtesy days selected.

Not translated into English in the original website

3.9. If you want to consult the presentation receipt in PDF format, you only have to click on “Visualizar el recibo de presentación“.

3.10. You can also download it in PDF format by clicking on “Descargar documento”.

3.11. Finally, if you want to change or cancel any of the selected dates, use the “Modificar” option again. You must keep in mind that you can only modify the dates that appear in green. Those that appear in orange are outside the change period.

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