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Accounting obligations

Pay in cash autonomo

Sometimes I Pay Expenses in Cash. Can I Have Problems?

Recently, the Superior Court of Justice of Valencia (TSJ) has issued a ruling in which, contrary to the criterion of the Tax Inspectorate and the Regional Economic-Administrative Tribunal (TEAR), it has considered as deductible certain expenses accounted for and declared… Read more
Investment assets

Investment Assets for Self-employed in Spain

You may have heard of investment goods/ assets at some time, but do you really know what they are and how they affect your business? In today’s post, we are going to analyze them according to the two taxes that… Read more
Valid invoice

What a Valid Invoice Must Include?

  If your activity makes you issue invoices and you don’t really know what these must include to be completely valid, we will explain next what are the requirements that must be included in any invoice and their copies. 1) Number… Read more
Accounting books

Accounting Books Mandatory for Self-employed Workers

  If you register as an independent worker, you should know you have other formal obligations in addition to paying taxes. You’ve probably heard that you must keep accounting books with the transactions you perform every day to develop your… Read more