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What Expenses Will You Have If You Become a Self-employed

Expenses freelancer

In order for a self-employed to be able to overcome the month economically, he must face a set of expenses, since, without them, he will not be able to continue with his activity. In today’s article, we will see what are the basic expenses that any self-employed person usually has.


1. Social Security payments

As you know, the self-employed choose the base they want to pay, the vast majority choose the minimum base to pay less. The minimum self-employed Social Security payment without any bonus is around 284 euros and is a necessary expense to continue with the activity. If you have never been registered as a freelancer or have not been in the last 5 years, you can benefit from discounts on payments.


2. Workers

It is possible that for your activity to progress, it is necessary to have employees, this expense varies greatly, depending on the types of contract, the agreement to be applied, working hours and the number of workers you have hired. Get the idea that you will have to pay for your worker’s social insurance about 40% of what you will pay in normal conditions.


3. Fiscal adviser

As a freelancer, you are obliged to be aware of the forms, tax filings, tax changes, legal, etc. For this, an advisory is the most comfortable, the average is around 60 and 100 euros. At this point, we can help you, since with our Basic plan we charge you € 70 per month. We prepare your taxes and domicile them in your bank account so you do not have to worry if you have done well and waste time paying the forms by going to the bank at the last moment.


4. The cost of electricity, water, gas, telephone or Internet

If you have a place for the development of your activity, these types of expenses are inevitable, even if you work at home the telephone and internet are usually necessary expenses. Within this point, we could include the maintenance of your office, that is, the purchase of materials. The IBI must be paid by the lessor, but in some contracts, it is specified that the tenant of the premises must pay it.


5. The website

To get customers, manage and generate business, it is essential to have a web page where you can capture your prices and the characteristics of your services. Obviously, all this has a variable cost, but it is necessary to assume. And of course, not to mention the cost that your page implies according to the Data Protection Law. 


6. Insurance

Depending on the type of activity you develop, it will be necessary that you have contracted insurance and this should be an essential expense and not relegated to the background.


7. Purchase of merchandise

An amount of your budget must be used to replenish the product you sell. To do this, calculate the prices of your products to be competitive, but do not forget that if you offer a quality product, your customers will recommend it with more pleasure, even if it has a higher price than what others offer for less quality.


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