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Everything you can do with our platform…

The first thing you see when you access is the forecast of your taxes in real-time

These indicators show a bar graph where you can see data about VAT, IRPF (personal income tax), Local and workers/professionals Withholdings, corresponding to forms 303, 130, 115 and 111 respectively, as well as an estimated total. This way you can know how your business’ tax forecast for the current quarter is going.

With the graph of Accounting Indicators, you can observe the progression of your business for several months. We calculate your income and your expenses and show you the profits in your business, in an easy and simple way.

The same Home tag will show you the quarterly tax settlement deadline, so you don’t get caught off guard and make payment estimates.

Tax indicators

You can do a lot of things in your Accountancy Area

You can create quotes and then transform then automatically into invoices, have a list of all your clients and products/services. You have a section to configure your invoice as you want adding your logo, address, etc.

You can add your expenses very easy and control them in the Accountancy Indicators section of your Home tag. And you are provided with your account books so that you have them in case of an audit.

In your Tax tag, you can check and download all the forms presented to the Tax Agency, you can request some certifications, obtain your withholdings certificate and check your Form 347 forecast anytime you want.

Accountancy area