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Spanish VAT for freelancers

Taxes Paid By The Self-employed In Spain

Taxes Paid By The Self-employed In Spain

Tax forms

In this article, like every year, we remind you of the key dates of the taxes paid by the self-employed in Spain. We are going to see what the 2022 tax calendar is and what are the most common tax… Read more
invoice Fiverr

Invoice If You Work With Fiverr From Spain


We already discussed how Fiverr could help your business in a previous article. This article will explain how you should issue your invoices if you are a freelancer who uses Fiverr to get projects and clients. Fiverr was founded by… Read more
Check expense invoices

Do Not Forget to Check Your Expense Invoices


In other articles of our blog, we have talked about the information that an invoice must contain to be valid. Here we are going to focus on what to do if the invoice did not comply with the standard and… Read more
Spanish VAT

Everything You Need to Know About Spanish VAT

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

We are all used to buying things and paying VAT for them since childhood. In today’s article, we are going to talk about everything you need to know about this tax in Spain: what VAT is levied on, the tax-exempt… Read more
VAT exempt activities

VAT Exempt Activities in Spain

Law and Tax Changes

VAT is a tax that you must pay when you provide a service or when you deliver goods. There is a general, reduced or super-reduced VAT, 21%, 10% and 4% respectively. You will find the latter in essential products, that… Read more
Non-deductible VAT

Non-deductible VAT

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

As you can guess from the title of the article, not all the VAT you pay is considered deductible. To consider the paid VAT deductible, it must meet a series of requirements. Let see the four requirements that an expense must… Read more