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How To Avoid Damaging Financing For Your Business

How To Avoid Damaging Financing For Your Business

Getting financing for a company is not always an easy task. Banks constantly toughen the criteria for granting loans. In fact, if you have already requested a loan for your company, you may have realized that to obtain financing, you… Read more
“Suplidos” or Re-invoicing of Expenses

“Suplidos” or Re-invoicing of Expenses

There is great confusion, especially among professionals, about how to invoice travel expenses (locomotion, accommodation, meals) when the client is willing to pay them. So here we have two possibilities. We can consider it as a supply (“suplido”) or as… Read more
retirement and work

Retirement and Work: What The Law Says

Because of the current pension system, many retirees are looking for a source of income that will allow them to make ends meet more comfortably. Is it possible to work while retired?  In today’s article, we explain what cases exist,… Read more
Pluriactivity or flat rate?

Pluriactivity or Flat Rate In The Self-employed Payments?

More and more people have business concerns and want to start a business project. And many of them are already working as employees, which is usually what has given them the experience and knowledge in the sector they want to… Read more
Retirement in Spain

Is a pension plan recommended in Spain?

Very widespread concern for almost all the self-employed is their future retirement pension. The truth is that the possibility of increasing the obtained income in this last stage of your life is limited. Even less if you have been self-employed… Read more

Get Organized If You Are An Entrepreneur

If you have finally decided that you want to launch your own business, keep reading! In this article, we give you the keys to organize and be clear on what to direct your attention and be more careful.   1.… Read more

Organization: The Key to Having More Time

Time is one of the most valuable abstract things in the business world and even more if you are self-employed. We all know that the self-employed “have no work schedules”, in the sense that they work many hours. Therefore, we… Read more
Get paid freelancer

How to Get Paid on Time if You Are Self-employed

We read daily about how difficult it is to get paid on time when you are self-employed. Many times the excuses of companies are they must first pay larger companies or that they get a lot of taxes this month.  In… Read more
Deductible expenses self-employed

Learn About the Most Common Deductible Expenses for Self-employed in Spain

  The best way to save on taxes is to not miss out expenses that can be considered deductible in the development of your activity. Of course, there are many specialties in the deductibility of expenses, as many as activities… Read more