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How to capture the attention of an investor?

How To Capture The Attention of an Investor?

Getting financing is vital for the self-employed, and it doesn’t seem very easy, in general for all entrepreneurs. Many due to ignorance, others due to lack of interest to start the search, do not find financing, and here we go…… Read more
I Work With Italki. How Do I Manage My Invoices?

I Work With Italki. How Do I Manage My Invoices?

More and more freelancers are dedicated to teaching languages and working with platforms such as Italki, developing their activity with students from all over the world. This type of platform has transformed the teaching and learning of different languages. You… Read more
Non-disclosure Agreement NDA

What Is A Non-disclosure Agreement?

How often have you promised to keep a secret? Perhaps you’ve promised someone that you won’t disclose something they’re planning to do with employment, such as look for a new job. But there is something more formal that’s designed to… Read more
NIE residence

How To Get The NIE Number in Spain

Today we have the collaboration of Antonio Doblas de Doblas Abogados, a lawyer with more than 25 years of experience and a specialist in Immigration, among other matters.  In this article, he explains how to request the NIE (Foreigner Identity… Read more
Determine the price product

How to Calculate The Price of Your Product?

Many have the idea of selling a specific product that is in high demand and sells like hotcakes. The question that usually arises is what price to choose to make it profitable, especially when it comes to innovative ideas whose… Read more