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Cash Payment Limit For Your Vacations

Cash Payment Limit For Your Vacations

Good practices

[Updated 12/2020] If you plan to go on a honeymoon or take a trip in a big way and the bill amounts to more than 2,500 euros, you should find another form of payment other than cash. 1. The law… Read more
Holiday rentals in Spain

Don’t Forget To Pay Taxes For Holiday Rental!

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

The immense boom in vacation rentals is undeniable! From the owner of an apartment on the beach rented in the summer months to those who have become entrepreneurs running a rental business.  All of these situations are regulated by law… Read more

Are You Planning to Start a Dropshipping Business In Spain?

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

If you have a company that sells products made outside the EU, there is a way to save money. In this article, we are going to explain what dropshipping is, also called DropShipment, DropShip, DropShoppin, DropShop or DropShipping. What is… Read more

All You Need to Know About Spanish IRPF

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

One of the most important taxes in Spain is the Personal Income Tax or Spanish IRPF. It is a fairly complex tax. For this reason, in this article, we are going to see only what you need to know about… Read more
Deductible VAT freelancer

Deductible VAT Before Registering as a Freelancer in Spain

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

Many of our customers ask the question: “Can I deduct VAT on purchases or expenses acquired before the registration date?” The answer that the TEAC (Central Administrative Economic Court) gives us in its resolution of 01-26-2017 is yes, although we… Read more
digital certificate in Spain

All About Spanish Digital Certificate in Less Than 5 Minutes

Social Security

For about ten years, almost all Spanish administrations have been implementing improvements so that you can carry out all kinds of online procedures. If you used to wait in line at the Treasury, Social Security or SEPE, now you can… Read more
Remote work from home

Your Company: The Best Workplace at Home

Good practices

In recent decades, since Internet access became common in almost every home and business, there has been a growing trend toward remote work. There are a variety of jobs that are done remotely, and most likely, from this coronavirus health… Read more
closed business

Tax Obligations When Closing Your Business

Tax Agency (Hacienda)

As a result of the decrease in sales of your company, you have decided to close. Despite this, remember that your company must continue submitting a series of statements, even if you haven’t had to pay taxes for them. Here… Read more
VAT exempt activities

VAT Exempt Activities in Spain

Law and Tax Changes

VAT is a tax that you must pay when you provide a service or when you deliver goods. There is a general, reduced or super-reduced VAT, 21%, 10% and 4% respectively. You will find the latter in essential products, that… Read more